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CV Nation Creators DeWayne Copeland and Scott F. Evans announce Season Three


Hollywood, October 5, 2015: CV Nation co-creators DeWayne Copeland and Scott F. Evans today

announced that work has commenced on Season Three of the live-action, super-hero web-series. Utilizing

the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, the producer/director duo seeks to capitalize the upcoming season

at $50,000. Perks offered to potential backers include digital downloads of the first season, digital trading

cards of the primary characters, and a cameo appearance plus dinner with the creators and cast for the

highest backers.

CV Nation launched in 2012 to much acclaim as one of only a few live-action super-hero web projects that

was not comedy/parody based or drawn from existing intellectual property. Said Copeland, “We felt it

was time to reach out to our fan base to continue telling these stories. Seasons one and two we financed

ourselves. But telling super-hero stories not only requires extraordinary imagination, it can also demand an

extraordinary budget. We were complimented early on for our focus on telling great stories. We just felt it

was time to step up and deliver more super-heroics. We’ve seen the want for these kinds of stories with

these kinds of characters. We’re counting on that audience to join us on our journey to the next level.”

In addition to the fundraising campaign, Copeland and Evans are happy to announce an addition to the

team. Adam G. Key joins them as Executive Story Editor. No stranger to super-heroics, having worked on

Batman Begins, Hancock, and No Ordinary Family, Adam has hit the ground running and is bringing big

ideas to Season Three.

CV Nation is a live-action, super-hero web-series available at www.cvnationseries.com.

Information on Season Three can be found at http://igg.me/at/CVSeason3.

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