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We will have a booth at Eagle-Con 5/14 5/15

Eagle-Con 2014 is a 2-day event that brings together indie comics, superheroes, critical thinking, and an insider’s view of this highly creative industry. Nested on the campus of Cal State L.A., home of the “Golden Eagles,” Eagle-Con will explore issues of race, gender, orientation, identity, and representation in comic books while also celebrating the boundless imagination of artists and writers that turns “ordinary humans” into life-long devotees of the superhero/ine.

A collaboration between Cal State L.A.’s student life (University-Student Union) and academic life (College of Arts & Letters), and with the generous support of the Art Directors Guild, Eagle-Con is a place where people of ALL shapes, sizes, hues, and fandoms can come together to learn, explore, and grow.

With Guests of Honor Michael & Denise Okuda and Rashidi Harper!

So grab your cape and come out to play!

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